Monday, February 22, 2010

trash paper gazebo 7

These papercrete stone shapes were made with a Quikcrete Walkmaker mold, allowed to cure for several weeks, and mounted on the gazebo with sheetrock screws. Then I filled in behind and around them using the papercrete sculpture mixture.
I fastened a couple more faces to the totem pole at the entrance the same way, then used the sculpture mix to fashion their "hair."
I also began applying the first layer of papercrete to the next section of wall.
As stated in an earlier post, applying the first layer to my flimsy fence wire + chicken wire + hardware cloth armature is difficult, and I've had trouble finding a way to reinforce the armature. (Once the first layer of papercrete cures, the walls are firm enough to daub on more. The finished wall, with the faux stones attached, is several inches thick and seems to be very strong.) Anyway, I experimented by attaching some recycled aluminum window screen to the inside wall and coating it with the latex paint, sand and cement mixture. The "industrial" papercrete formula, with some ready-mix joint compound added for "stickiness", seems to adhere very well to this hard latex cement shell, so I hope that problem is solved, and I'll be reinforcing the rest of the armature with window screen and latex cement.

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