Friday, April 20, 2012

Hypertufa/Papercrete "clay" with lime putty

This is a nice, easy to use garden sculpture mix, using “2-pound” coffee cans for measuring and mixing by (rubber gloved) hand in a five gallon bucket.
½ can Portland cement
1 can peat moss
1 can cellulose insulation
1 can water (there abouts…damp (not wet) mix)
Substitute lime putty for ready mix joint compound. Add a big gob of  it and mix well.
Lime putty is builder’s lime mixed with water to a pasty consistency.You will probably need to go to a builder's supply to purchase builder's lime. Neither Lowe's nor Home Depot carry it. This lime putty had set for many months in a sealed five gallon bucket, and was a little “thinner” than ready mix joint compound, and not so sticky. I think that is what made this mixture feel so good. This hyper-tufa “clay” was truly "clay-like" and easy to model over a chicken wire, 1/2 gallon plastic milk jug, and PVC pipe armature. I hope this guy will become part of a scare crow for our steadily growing garden. I have no idea how it will weather.

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