Sunday, February 10, 2013

Burlap-crete fence experiment 1

These three photos are of my experiment with making a section of burlap-crete wall. I soaked raw burlap in bonding agent, saturated it with grout, draped it over wire, and sprayed it with several coats of mortar made from one part Portland cement to three parts sand using my Clorox bottle sprayer ( The armature for this section includes some hardware cloth, wire fencing, and other scraps I had laying about, but the plan for the rest of the wall is to simply drape the burlap over my existing wire fence. After curing a couple of days this burlap-crete seemed thin and fragile, but two days of days of rain did it good, and I'm pleased with how sturdy it is. I'll still be spraying more layers of mortar. I'm adding a little lime to the mortar mix as I move down the line, thinking it will allow for more flexibility. I searched for a local source of the magnesium-based cement I read about on a green building site ( no luck. If anyone knows of a possible source in the midlands of South Carolina, let me know.

Burlap saturated with grout, draped over wire armature.

Burlap after spraying mortar.


  1. Can you let me know how this is holding up? Did you spray extra layers?

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