Saturday, March 2, 2013

Burlap-crete Fence Experiment 2

Finished section of burlap-crete fence after touching up with mortar (where I hadn't taken tall fence posts into account and cut the burlap short, and where overlaps of burlap were showing). This is after several coats of sprayed-on mortar. 

Burlap soaking in bonding agent. Weather held me up, so it soaked several days.

Burlap saturated with grout. I don't know if grout is necessary. I'm going to try a section using the same Portland cement mortar mix I've been spraying with.

Draped over existing fence. It's wired to the fence here and there, but is basically just hanging on it.

Using Clorox bottle mortar sprayer.


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  2. This looks awesome! I might try this in my own yard! :-)

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