Friday, June 14, 2013

Burlap-crete wall 5

Finished section of burlap-crete wall. As I progressed I ditched the grout and, after soaking the raw burlap in concrete bonding agent overnight, simply saturated it in the same 3:1 mix of sand and Portland cement I was spraying. I'd drape three pieces at a time--a 12 ft section. The pieces were about  8 1/2 ft. long and simply layed over the wire fence and tied with wire here and there. I sprayed three or four layers of mortar over a couple days of work, and I added exterior paint to the mix on the final spray. With a little reworking here and there, the little home-made sprayer worked well for the whole project. I capped along the top with mortar. The wall feels solid enough, and we like the "draped" look of it. We'll see how it holds up before progressing any farther.

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