Monday, May 25, 2015

Outdoor Shower 2 -- Under Construction

Shower structure, still under construction, with solar hot water heater.
Armature for rounded shower structure showing eight foot treated fence posts, 1/2" conduit to help hold shape, and fence wire. The short walls around the shower head are latex cement, the rest are burlapcrete. I originally planned to make the entire structure latex cement, but some of the paint I'd stored was not usable.

Sorry, no decent photos of the construction process.The short walls are made of latex cement (paintcrete) over nylon window screen. The long walls that reach the ground are made of  burlapcrete. I investigated the makings of a french drain, but was able to run the drain into an existing septic tank.

Me, using home made mortar sprayer.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Outdoor Shower -- Solar Hot Water Heater

 This hot water heater is made almost entirely of re-purposed and recycled materials. The tank is from a discarded electric water heater (pin holes were patched for now with a product called JB Weld). Most of the wood is from a demolished fence, The windows, sheet metal roof and door, and much of the hardware (screws, hinges, etc) came from the mobile home we disassembled a few years back. The shower hardware came from the same old mobile home.  Basically the tank, painted black, is in an insulated box with a glass front. The water gets very hot. Photos of paintcrete/burlapcrete shower structure are to follow.