Saturday, June 13, 2009

Papercrete Recipes updated September 16, 2014

This update is overdue.
My recommendation for papercrete at this point, after a few years of experimentation, would be to start with that good ol' three parts substrate to one part Portland cement mix. Since the days of my mower-towed "mini-mixer" I have dabbled with using cellulose insulation, peat moss, vermiculite, and sand as substrate and have come to rely on the three to one mix, substituting one substrate for another depending on it's use.The recipes I posted years ago made for a weak mix. Two parts paper to one part sand to one part Portland cement would be a better starting place. I mix smaller batches by hand these days. The papercrete wall in the picture is covered with a heavy layer mortar made of sand and Portland cement and laced with either joint compound or builder's lime added for plasticity. Both the wall and the sculpture still stand. Just remember that everything posted here is in the spirit of experimentation.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I just joined the papercrete group last night and found your link.

    We're mostly using adobe for building, but papercrete blocks will be perfect to replace the fiberglass/OSB over windows and doors since they're so much lighter than adobe.

    We also have all kinds of plans for papercrete in the garden (love your garden wall), a water fountain and I even saw it used for a pond (with water proofing stuff).

    I've read enough to realize that getting a MIXER is going to be the biggest obstacle to making large quantities. Especially since we're off the grid and don't have any spare power from solar and fuel is expensive -- so even a drill mixer for small quantities is an issue.

    Anyway, your blog and the many pictures are truly inspiring.