Friday, January 1, 2010

latex-cement stucco facade

As stated in my last post, I had issues with the section of latex-cement skirting I'd done along the front walk. Unlike the first section I'd completed, it was simply uneven and otherwise flawed and unattractive.
Just not a good job.
The first step toward repairing it was to replace the papercrete vents with "cleaner" looking vents cut from plywood.
The second was to mix a thicker than usual batch of latex-cement and use it like stucco, spreading it to create a rough, random facade over the previously smooth finish.
It camouflaged the obvious flaws, and I love the new finish so much I plan to go over all the skirting with latex-cement "stucco."
I was going to use a wallpaper smoother as a trowel, but wound up using discarded cds. I went through four of them on this 25 foot section, but they worked really well, and at least I got additional use out of them before they made it to the landfill.

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