Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deconsctructing a Mobile Home (Part Five)

Here it is...the final and most intimidating aspect of deconstructing this trailer...cutting up the chassis. We used an angle grinder, and have thus far removed all the crossties and most of the wings on which the floor was fastened. The metal is soft and the grinder cuts it like a saw cuts wood. I'd been spraying the axel bolts with WD-40 for days, and the bolts slipped right off, so we removed the axels intact. Then I finally began cutting the big beams that ran the entire length.


  1. Here is more on Recycling Old Mobile Homes: I have enjoyed your series on the subject. Thanks

  2. Great posts! These frames have many potential uses. I will be fabricating bridge trusses out of the steel from three house trailer frames this summer. Should be very interesting to see if I can recreate a pony truss bridge over my creek out of unwanted scraps. Can follow my progress at

  3. Why don't you include pictures of mobile home (when it was in its original state)? It could be easier then to compare the two states ;)