Monday, March 21, 2011

Deconstructing a Mobile Home (Part Four)

At last, we're pretty much down to the bare metal chassis. We saved many pieces of this mobile home for future use -- most of the wood from inside the interior walls, the trim from inside, the rafters, the interior doors, kitchen cabinets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, drain and other pipes, some lighting fixtures, windows, carpets, much of the siding, etc. We decided to keep the sheet metal from the roof. But so much of what we pulled off and out of that trailer has been affected by years of heat, moisture, and pests. Much of the paneling and wall board simply fell apart as we attempted to take it off intact, as did the ceiling tiles. Insulation was simply nasty. All of that, for better or for worse, went to the landfill along with many of the exterior wall studs. We learned how to take the floor apart without cutting, so many of the joists were salvaged.

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  1. how did you disassemble the floor without cutting? I've just taken on a project in RI that involves 8-10 similar to yours in various states. one has the roof caving in others are fully intact. what is your best opinion on the hard parts? email me at i'd love to know.