Friday, July 15, 2011

Re-using Building Materials

Our little outhouse is partially recycled: the lovely avocado toilet, drainage pipes, siding, roofing tin, steps, most of the screws and other hardware, the shower curtain and galvanized curtain rod, and the septic tank were salvaged from the mobile home we demolished a few months back. The plumping fittings, PVC pipe, and much of the treated wood came from Lowes, Home Depot, or our local Swansea Hardware. Now visiting kids have one less excuse to track through the house from the pool. The toilet is rigged to automatically fill from a garden hose, which I hope will make for easier winterizing.

Same with the awning we built for the shed -- a boon for me because I finally have a place to work in the shade. The treated lumber is for the most part new, and the sheet metal roofing material was cut from the trailer roof. The little work table, made from plywood from the bathroom floor and mounted on one end of an axel, spins like a lazy susan.