Monday, March 25, 2013

Burlap-crete Fence 3

I staggered the fence line to make it more interesting and added a little house paint to the last layer of mortar. I like the subdued color. I'm no longer using grout, but soaking the burlap in bonding agent, then saturating it the same mortar mix I'm spraying. I'm spraying three to four coats of three parts sand, one part Portland cement. The wall  feels pretty substantial, though I've not taken a hammer to it, and probably won't.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Homemade Mortar Sprayer Update

My homemade mortar sprayer has been working well for my experiments with burlap-crete.(  However, when I tried to replace the air gun with one (I thought was) just like it, I found that the threads of the coupler inside the PVC fitting were too short to engage those on the air gun. Though both were purchased at Harbor Freight, the air guns were slightly different. Which means not every air gun will work in this system without some additional retrofitting. I had to grind away some of the thickness of the PVC with a Dremel tool, and also cut the little curled ring off the new air gun to make it work. Also, I’d used a Clorox bottle at first because I happened to have one. A gallon Concrete Bonding Agent jug is sturdier and is a tighter fit.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Burlap-crete Fence Experiment 2

Finished section of burlap-crete fence after touching up with mortar (where I hadn't taken tall fence posts into account and cut the burlap short, and where overlaps of burlap were showing). This is after several coats of sprayed-on mortar. 

Burlap soaking in bonding agent. Weather held me up, so it soaked several days.

Burlap saturated with grout. I don't know if grout is necessary. I'm going to try a section using the same Portland cement mortar mix I've been spraying with.

Draped over existing fence. It's wired to the fence here and there, but is basically just hanging on it.

Using Clorox bottle mortar sprayer.