Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some more mobile home skirting efforts

Sliding door for access to crawlspace. Mostly recycled and re-purposed materials -- plywood from the mobile home we disassembled quite a while back, wheels & hardware from a piece of pull-behind lawn equipment, some new and some re-used wood...three 2x4s, two 1x4s, two 1x2s.  

Back of the sliding door showing wheels in track.

Latex cement screen panel will cover other side of the sliding door assembly.

I was adding skirting to our deck/porch and wanted to try a large latex cement panel that would cover an entire 8 ft. section, which worked out okay. Coffee cans are in place to make two vents.

Second or third coat of latex paint/sand & cement mixture.

Another access door. This one for under the deck, where Julio lives.