Monday, September 15, 2014

Vent re-do for latex cement skirting

This section of latex cement skirting completed back in 2009 is holding up well, but I never liked the vents I improvised. This was my first attempt at making skirting from latex cement, and I didn't anticipate the problems I'd have attaching vents. The vinyl vents always looked cheesy, and they weren't holding up well in the harsh South Carolina sun. I had the idea of making "coffee can" vents as described in my post back in 2013, attaching them over the vent holes and adding a thick layer of latex cement "stucco" over this section of skirting.

Small latex cement panels with coffee can vents. Will attach hardware cloth behind screened vent holes. Material can still be cut to size with scissors.

Panel attached to latex cement skirting with construction adhesive and sheet metal screws, which is what I had on hand. The little bolt in the center of the vent hole will hold a plastic coffee can lid, which will serve as a vent cover this winter. Wind blows hard from that direction.

Finished section with new vents and "stucco" coating looks 100% better.

Plastic coffee can lid vent cover.