Saturday, April 29, 2017

Refurbishing My Homemade Pool 5

I'm sealing my Portland cement plaster with Drylock Ultra, purchased at our nearby Lowes. This is how far one $30 gallon went -- all four sides and a little of the bottom. Twenty years ago I applied one coat of Drylock over cement blocks, had a slow leak, and had to drain the pool and apply a second coat, which kept it sealed for most of twenty years. This time I'll just put two coats on. It's a nice deep blue. I like it.
So far, I've stripped and replastered the pool walls, reset the pavers of the patio, rerouted the electricity for the pump and ionizer, started on a little "pump house," and built armatures for two totem poles that will overlook the pool. It's slowly coming together.

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