Saturday, May 7, 2011


We've not been idle around here lately, but I've had less time for making art.
I finished laying our water pipes in the back field, then immediately began planting new trees and trying to
give our struggling fruit trees a new lease on life. We cut five foot lengths of 3” PVC pipe and planted them upright a foot or two from our trees and about a foot and a half deep. The idea is to fill the pipes
with water and let it slowly seep into the ground for deeper watering.
We refurbished our old chicken coop, including building
nesting boxes, a PVC feeder (idea courtesy of
the folks at Avian Aqua Miser (http://www.avian aquamiser .com/) and a water
reservoir from a kit that also came from them. One important note for making a similar
feeder is to use a 45 degree elbow rather
than a 90 so that the feed more easily slides into the trough. I glued a test cap at the trough end instead of a regular cap because it cost less than a dollar. The $4 cap at the top isn’t glued on so we can take it off and pour the feed in.
We bought Rhode Island Reds -- three hens and a rooster.