Monday, May 7, 2012

Aquaponics Update 4

 We finally got our 15 tilapia fingerlings.
Ammonia levels in the fish tank were high for a day or two (testing with Jungle Quick Dip Amonia Test Strips), and I took water out several times with a pitcher and replaced it with clean water from a little reservoir in the yard. Today the ammonia level checked out and the fish seem to be doing well, though we lost a couple of the smaller ones.
We planted a variety in the grow bed to see which would do best -- two types of pepper, two of tomato, two eggplants, and a couple varieties of lettuce. I took the plants from the pots, rinsed the roots clean with a hose, and placed them in the gravel bed. We were surprised they did not go into shock, are budding out, and thriving.
We're feeding the fish pond pellets right now but are researching which kitchen scraps to feed tilapia. 
Looking forward to an abundant harvest.

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